Travel with Claudia to France on a Cabaret InTourlude and more!

Planning a tour for Year 2023

What could be better than hearing Claudia sing songs of Paris?

  • Being in Paris to hear those songs with Claudia !
  • Coming to Paris to sing your own songs!
  • With memories of the extraordinary ten-day Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion "Tour de France" in September 2019, we can return to France in late 2022 or 2023. We have new friends to see and new places to go throughout France.

    I would love to revisit Josephine Baker's chateau in Dordogne, now in the company of Michèle Barbier who served as Baker's private secretary in the 1970s. Or take the train to Montpellier to visit Yves Bertrand, the congenial historian of French cabaret and our new friends at the National Opera Orchestra of Montpellier. How about a visit to Sète where Christian Stalla hosts the annual Chanson et Toiles Festival and join his young friends, the provocative duo Blue Vulvettes. Back in Paris (and nearby Joinville le Pont) there will be many places to visit, to sing, to dine, including an optional day trip to Giverny and a possible houseboat cruise on the Seine.

    This trip will offer my prior travelers enough variation to come again to see what's new! View the previous itinerary for a taste.

    Interested in traveling to France in 2022-2023?

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