Travel with Claudia to France on a Cabaret InTourlude and more!

Planning a tour for 2019

As a result of our truly historic Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion this past September, we have new friends to see and new places to go throughout France. But we're a bit busy welcoming the French to Chicago in Fall 2018 for the Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, so here's to France in 2019!

Let's start in Sète where Christian Stalla hosts the annual Chanson et Toiles Festival to include his young friends, the provocative duo Blue Vulvettes. We're invited to nearby Montpellier by the congenial historian of French cabaret Yves Bertrand. We'll work our way up to Paris via a stop at Josephine Baker's chateau in Dordogne. There will be other places to visit, to sing, to dine, including a day trip to Giverny and of course a lot of wonderful places to go in Paris, including a possible houseboat cruise on the Seine.

Elizabeth Doyle and her fans will join in the merriment. We're looking to put together a group no larger than 16 travelers altogether. This trip will offer my previous travelers enough variation to come again to see what's new!

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